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The Purity bag is not clear, how do I measure my milk?
After nursing three babies, I quickly learned that the titrations on all of the clear bags were inaccurate at best. Because I always wanted to know how much milk I was storing down to the last drop I pre-measured my milk in the pumping bottles and then filled the bags. You will pre-measure up to 6 ounces keeping in mind that smaller quantities are better for younger infants.

Why didn’t Purity just use UV filters in the plastic?
The Purity bag blocks 100% of natural and artificial light. We decided to sacrifice visual clarity for maximum vitamin protection. “Containers with UV filters did not provide significant protection. If wavelenths detrimental to riboflavin were not completely excluded by the packaging material, incoming light could still give rise to photo degradation of milk. Accordingly, riboflavin and vitamin A were gradually degraded, milk fat was photo-oxidized, and the sensorial quality decreased significantly.”
J. Dairy Sci. 88:499–510, American Dairy Science Association, 2005.

Are the Purity bags made of material safe for my baby?
Absolutely. The Purity bags are BPA and phthalate free and made of certified food safe materials. We have FDA, SGS, QS(Quality safe) and ASTM certifications. And if that isn’t enough, we do random lot testing in an independent US laboratory to verify the integrity of our bags. The safety of your nursing infant is our top priority.

Are the Purity bags recyclable?
YES! There is an amazing company out there called Terracycle. They offer national programs to collect previously non-recyclable or hard to recycle waste. While some of their programs have a cost, most of their programs offer free shipping as well as a donation for each piece of garbage that they collect. Please visit their website at www.terracycle.com for more information.