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Posted on August 3, 2017

“Look for milk in opaque containers; milk in clear containers can lose significant amounts of Vitamin A and Riboflavin through exposure to light … Read More

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“Milk in clear [containers]…can lose up to 70% of its vitamin A and 20% of its riboflavin after just three days wv6mfwf read … Read More

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Posted on September 9, 2013

“Light destroys Vitamin A and Riboflavin, two key nutrients in milk singulair allergy. The opacity of the milk container is important. Milk in … Read More

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Posted on April 14, 2013

“Exposure to natural and artificial light can dilute the milk’s Riboflavin and Vitamin A content compromising its nutritional value. Milk can develop off-flavors … Read More

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