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We are proud to be the only breast milk storage bag that offers 100% protection from natural and artificial light as well as an oxygen blocking inner layer. Vitamin A and Riboflavin are two fragile nutrients most susceptible to photo degradation. Light induced degradation reactions in milk not only create off flavors but they decrease the nutritional quality of milk as well. “Packaging materials are essential to avoid this particular deterioration of milk.” – J. Dairy Sci. 88:499–510, American Dairy Science Association, 2005  

Unfortunately, even relatively minor exposure to light can decimate the Vitamin A and Riboflavin content of milk.  Studies have found that anywhere from 50-70% of milk’s Vitamin A can degrade after just a few days of light exposure.  In another study, sensory evaluation showed off flavors significantly increased in milk stored under all filters compared with the control samples stored in darkness.  “Clear differences were observed for samples stored in darkness compared with light-exposed samples in all performed analyses.  High levels of oxidation were measured for all samples stored under transparent filters and also for samples stored under the colored filters, which protect riboflavin from degradation and its photosensitizing abilities.” 1

How is the Purity bag different from traditional breast milk storage bags? The Purity bag blocks 100% of natural and artificial light. “Containers with UV filters did not provide significant protection. If wavelenths detrimental to riboflavin were not completely excluded by the packaging material, incoming light could still give rise to photo degradation of milk. Accordingly, riboflavin and vitamin A were gradually degraded, milk fat was photo-oxidized, and the sensorial quality decreased significantly.” – J. Dairy Sci. 88:499–510, American Dairy Science Association, 2005

Why is Vitamin A so important for your baby? Low intake of Vitamin A disrupts bone growth and interferes with the development of immature bone cells resulting in weak, poorly formed bones. Vitamin A is also needed to produce immune cells that are associated with increased resistance to infection.

Why is Riboflavin so important for your baby? Riboflavin is a type of B vitamin that is not stored in the body. It must be replenished through dietary intake. It is important for your baby’s growth, red blood cell production, and helps in releasing energy from carbohydrates. Symptoms of deficiency include anemia, mouth or lip sores, skin disorders, sore throat, and swelling of mucus membranes.

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