We are changing the face of breast milk storage – Purity Baby Brands, LLC


Who We Are

In simple terms, I am a mother just like you. And just like you, I want to do everything in my power to raise healthy happy children. For me that started with a commitment to breastfeeding.

Being a working mother, I considered the breast pump my extra appendage at the office. It was certainly a labor of love as any pumping mother knows. Imagine my devastation when I started doing the research to learn how fragile certain vitamins are when exposed to light and oxygen. So, after shutting down my milk machine I knew my new labor of love would be the Purity Baby Bag. As nursing mothers, we put forth a tremendous effort to produce our “liquid gold”.  I wanted to provide a way for you to protect your milk like nothing else on the market.  And that is where the whole story began.

You work hard to make your milk. We work hard to protect it. That is the Purity Promise.